The Story Behind the Story: People with Fishtails

fishtails3It all started with a dream. It was kind of a disturbing dream, actually. I was riding in the backseat of a car. My teacher and his wife were in the two front seats. As we plunged over a cliff, the teacher entrusted me with his newborn child, who was bathed in red liquid.

Somehow, this dream inspired me to write a story about a man who loved a mermaid, but the mermaid was too flakey to take care of their baby so he had to care for it. Eventually, he would become a drunk, and the child would go on to save the world from environmental ruin and prove that there are really mermaids.

I split the two generations into two entirely different short stories: the first takes place in the age of colonization, and involves Dove and his lover Polyp. That was published later, in Three Mermaid Tales, along with People with Fishtails, which is also its own short book that can be found on Amazon and Smashwords. Both the old and futuristic story take place on Mystycetii, the island where the mermaids live free from human abuse.

Three tails copyThese covers were illustrated by Anne Seaworthy and made into digital masterpieces by Karen Ronan at


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