Electronic Imagination


Pinterest can be a time-sink. Or it can be a treasure trove of amazing inspiration, leading you to discover passions and capabilities within yourself that you never knew you had. It’s all up to you.

I love using Pinterest to waste time visualize my stories. For instance, I just created a board for the Love Life Series, the first book of which is coming soon to Amazon and Smashwords. Check it out if you’re ready to delve into Dreams with a capital D…


Image from http://genius.com/1315461/The-bravery-believe/Waiting-for-our-ship-to-come-but-our-ships-not-coming-back


5 thoughts on “Electronic Imagination

  1. I feel the same way about Pinterest. I used it for brainstorming my latest series and for planning my wedding! Sometimes it was useful, sometimes I was just bored and needed something else to do!


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