Finding Paradise Now Available for Download

The Love Life Series follows ghost Captain Jamie Starling and his lovable crew as they engage in the semi-legal business of Dreamcatching – pirating living people’s Dreams to sell for breaths, the currency in Ectopia.

If you’ve already read Haunting Helen, Book One in the Love Life Series, you know how things spiral out of control when Jamie falls for a living woman. An engaged living woman.

Now, Finding Paradise, Book Two in the Love Life Series, is available for free on Smashwords, coming soon to Barnes and Noble for free, and for $0.99 on Amazon. Read it to discover how Jamie fulfills – or maybe fails to fulfill – his social obligation to graduate from Ectopia to Paradise, and what happens when his faithful sailor India decides to study Mythology.

finding_paradise copy

This incredible cover was created by Karen Ronan, who was also adept enough to do the formatting of this book for Amazon and Smashwords. Find her at

To learn more about this book, please watch my extremely unprofessional homemade book trailer here.


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