Creative Marine Studies 101


Class Syllabus

Room: Sparrow -216

Class Times: 10:45 am – 12:00 pm, Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Instructor: Anne Seaworthy

Office Hours: depend on when my snow leopard wants to take a swim

Welcome to Creative Marine Studies! You may be taking an entry-level course, but the very fact that you decided to sign up for it shows a certain level of sophistication not common among first-year students. (Not sophisticated? Leave my class now.)

Over the course of the year, we will study, via books, technology, and in the field, the diverse variety of marine life both local and global. Not only will we obtain a firm grasp of the anatomy, evolutionary history, and up-to-date scientific knowledge on these species, but we will also explore various expressive mediums to convey the creatures’ attributes and needs to a wide audience. In the process, we will come to understand the conservation requirements the ocean demands if all these amazing life forms are to survive.

We will take at least two field trips over the course of the year (more, if I can find the time and budget): one is to northeastern Australia over the winter vacation to experience the Great Barrier Reef, and the other is to Palau the second weekend of spring to swim with sea jellies and participate in an underwater photography workshop.

Don’t be overwhelmed, but I will ask you to complete a final project to demonstrate what you have learned and what you plan to do from the end of the year forward. This can take any form you choose: compose a song, make a short film, write a novel, get some friends together and choreograph a dance, build an inhabitable structure… or come up with something totally different! Later on in the year we will discuss project guidelines and due dates. I am always happy to schedule meetings with students to work on project ideas and drafts.

The most important thing to bring to my class is not your tablet, nor your paintbrush (though both of those things might aid you in class participation.) What I encourage all students to adopt on their first day in Creative Marine Studies is an open mind. Believe that there is a chance you can do something you never before thought possible – as well as acknowledging the fact that there is a chance you will fail. Support others in their failures and successes, and we will support you too, like a community of corals building upon one another until they reach the light!

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