Not Your Grandmother’s Glass Slippers!

As modern princesses, we all want that archetypal dream soirée – charming prince, ball gown, you know the drill. But times have changed since Cinderella attended her first fateful ball. As the reigning fashionistas of today, many of us want our classic style to incorporate a pinch of the novel, a sprinkle of the unique, maybe even a dusting of the practical.

That’s where Seaworthy Shack’s Homemade Goods comes in. In a little cabin just out of the sea’s reach in Kawaii, a close-knit team of crafters from all different backgrounds convenes whenever they feel a change of scene is necessary in the fairytale world. This past fall, Patrick Khan the shoemaker joined the crew as a guest to work on solving the enduring problem of glass slippers. The final product is one our team admits openly to being quite proud of!

not your grandmothers glass slippers drawing board

Product: Not Your Grandmother’s Glass Slippers!


  • Flexible glass technology so one size really does fit all – and the shoes can’t be shattered.
  • Comfort contours bend with your movements and cushion your steps – because being a princess should never mean living with pain!
  • Comes with color and accent change remote subtly concealed on a neutral silver ring so you can make your slippers sultry red or baby blue, cover them in bows or buttons, depending on your mood.
  • Automatic internal climate control so your feet never become blocks of ice or sweaty bricks in your dancing shoes!
  • Optional safety feature: “jerk-sensor” detects with 99% accuracy when you’ve found yourself at the mercy of a party-pooper or general clod and extends a robotic hand to turn that person away from you or punch them, depending on the severity of the danger posed.

This product can be purchased anywhere glass slippers are sold beginning November 15, 2015.


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