At My Wit’s End With Sonnets!


But how to serenade a lady fair who careth not for any simile

Between her eyes and gemstones, and who first

Would nibble a bouquet, then leave it be

For ‘tween roses and caviar, the roses sit the worst

Upon her lips, where e’er a smile softly plays

And how to pen an ode wherein I count the ways

In which her arse, presented like a gift

Has sweetened my bitter heart many a winter’s day

And what delight I taste when she does lift

Her unshorn chin so that caress’t my fingers may.

What beautiful words can capture the sound

Of a rude babe strangling a violin

Alas! This is my lover’s sweetest song

To welcome the raw fish that I do bring.

I lay it down; she tears flesh from the ground

To pester her for kisses now would cost a throbbing hand

So instead I take up my guitar and strum

A love song just we two will understand.

you missed a spot

This poem is dedicated to Artemis, the dignified empress of my family’s household who has offered me so many gestures of love at key times, hours of companionship, an ear for all my secrets, and a deep intelligence that lets me know she understands my problems! And in return for all this, all she asks for is world domination! (Above photo by Alyssa Kress.)

Medieval painting at top of page – attribution: By Anonymous ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


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