Eve Wanted


Eve wanted a no-stick vegan glittery cake-pop pan. It had to be vegan because Eve wanted to be a conscious consumer. It had to be no-stick because it was just a tragedy to see a decimated cake pop that someone had half-tried to get out of a sticky pan and then given up, leaving half a spongey brain-surgery screw-up to be colonized by kitchen flies.

Eve wanted a white dress that made her look like summer and feel five pounds lighter when her boyfriend twirled her around on the dance floor. It had to be silk with real cultured pearls and snowflake lace and if it wasn’t on Amazon, that was Grandma’s problem.

Eve wanted a new cell phone, not because her old one was out of date but because she’d need to buy a new case for a new phone, and she was getting sick of the case with the wolf and the stars that she’d bought back when she was still hanging out with Carol.

Eve wanted a new cell phone, a white summer snowflake dress, and a no-stick vegan glittery cake-pop pan. But there was something else Eve wanted more, she realized that Monday night when the power went out in the middle of her online shopping spree.

Eve wanted life. She wanted to feel secure that the world around her, the motherly arms that guarded her from toxic interstellar winds, would stay firm as an old oak through the years. She wanted to sleep to the song of rain that nourished tomatoes that willingly gave themselves to the people who ate them raw, still innocent of the oven. She wanted to cry into an ocean made by past women who had cried because they couldn’t have what they wanted, and to know that her tears swallowed sunlight to bathe a baby dolphin, to anoint him in a world where he could grow to sense his lover’s unborn child and inspire human healing technology and discuss philosophy with whales and heck, just do what he wanted.

Eve wanted life so much that when the power came back on, she posted her new convictions on all her social media.


Image credits in order of appearance:

The first image was taken by Anne Seaworthy in Las Vegas in 2013.

“Good Morning From the International Space Station” by Scott Kelly – Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons – https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Good_Morning_From_the_International_Space_Station.jpg#/media/File:Good_Morning_From_the_International_Space_Station.jpg


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