Inspiration in Wearable Packages

One of my main goals over the winter vacation was to design a nautical necklace or two and put my mom to work making my jewelry fantasies a reality. Luckily, she had the same idea – though she thought my choice of beads was a little outlandish.

Come to think of it, outlandish is good, since these pieces are meant to be worn by seafaring nonconformists!

Presenting “Tropically Entwined,” a summer-y necklace with an island feel.


I imagine the wearer of this necklace might be the daughter of a pirate who is hiding on a tropical island. She rebels against his reckless ways by communing with the local wildlife and living among the local people, who maintain a sustainable and compassionate lifestyle.

Here you see our model (snort) mixing and matching with the “Tropically Entwined” necklace and the “Shore and Peace” earrings, made from a pair of real seashells collected at the Cabrillo Beach after a lovely day at the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium in San Pedro.

tropicalentanglementnecklaceandseashellearringsFor a scintillating twist, let’s have a look at “Compass Rose,” a custom-designed badge of nautical geekiness complete with silver anchor charms, blue oceanic beads, roses that look like cabbages and keys to unlock a treasure chest.


I bought an empty pendant and drew my own compass rose to cut out and stick inside. When I tire of this design, I can draw something else and replace it.

nautical compass rose pendant necklaceI imagine that this necklace was compiled over time by a duchess-turned-world-traveler-renegade-opportunistic-piratess, perhaps also an island princess-to-be, during her voyages in various disguises and on ships of varying legitimacy as she fled her intensely boring bourgeois life for one of adventure and the ocean breeze, sharp like a knife or cinnamon on her buttery-soft hands. Is that last sentence a run-on? If this were a writing piece I’d cut it. But since this is just a friendly blog post, I’m free to write as sloppily and poorly as I please, typos included…right? 🙂

nautical necklace pearls anchors roses compass

Wearing this jewelry reminds me of my childhood home in Santa Monica as I freeze in an inland college in Oregon using a sea-jelly folder for my class handouts. It also makes me feel creative and excited for whatever adventures might come next for me in fashion, or for my characters in fantastical trials and tribulations! (I’m not expecting to be kidnapped by inept pirates anytime soon, but it’s fine to wish that on my characters.)

Thanks again Mom! And no, this jewelry is not for sale, but you can obtain handmade jewelry at her website.


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