Music in the Park

telephone lines and trees in McMinnville Oregon

Help me, I’m caught in the void between two radio stations, both and neither are coming in to flood my ears with fuzz.

To the north, cars breathe toxic fumes in Ujjayi fashion. Doors slam like slightly melted skulls on pavement. Voices clatter on my eardrums in words such as “groceries,” “tomorrow,” and “naughty.”

To the south, a different instrument chimes in: the rippling, ruffling calls of birds seeing what can be done with the air between one lover and another to make sound, twittering, twistling sound like apple blossoms tickling my toes as diamond-dewy grass tries its hardest to burst through the cracked concrete.

I try to listen to the birds, but I don’t know the language and the station is going fuzzy, melting as rush hour descends upon the city that surrounds.

no trespassing sign in McMinnville Oregon

The photos in this post were taken by the author 🙂


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