Two’s Company


Oh, no, hysteria, don’t go so soon,

My neurons have just finished brewing a portly pot of electric tea

Tossing like nausea on a chemical sea

This vessel that I live upon.

A moment’s stay would be too long

So come into bed, we’ll have us a starry night

Blurring the traffic with insistent light

That won’t stop breathing nor choking on the peppered air that strikes like arrows

And bleeds until the silent dawn.

You said we’d one day see the moon

But she is embalmed in gingivitis smog

Skeleton boughs scrape every chord of the violin that sings tragedy

Because I gave hysteria my hospitality

And in return for crumpets, you’ll be gone.

But hark! Hearest thou the trumpets of that song

You scrawled inside my head in that heavy age

When I had strength enough to harness rage

Instead, now, you drink my tears and belt a foreign tune

You’re singing for another lover who will truly be true

Leaving me with an 80-ton balloon

Sinking in a sea of tears already cried

Screams already dead

Blood turning in for a good night’s worrywarting in my strangling bed

To the melody of an odd bird’s croon

And the timekeeping tick of a plastic spoon

And this vomiting vessel I live upon.

Really, hysteria, going so soon?


Image credits in order of appearance:

By NOAA ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons





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