The Warm Shower Duet




24 apprehensive hours have come and fled

Now I stand before you, all the layers of wool and denim stripped away

Revealing my skin that trembles, individual cells battling amongst themselves

The war is lost; I turn your spigot

And fling my soiled body into your raining sunbeam.

Do you think I wait for you

Locked in this loathsome chamber?

Do you think my fingers ache to rub the day’s transgressions off your skin?

Another generic body among hundreds

Crying for rain and blossoming with blisters

I swallow you as the ocean a dewdrop.

Like love that’s loved and lost

Like a stolen September kiss that must end at sunset’s stroke

Like a crème confetti cupcake

The more bites you take, the fewer bites you have

Until all the birthdays of your life eat your soul away

And maybe it’d be better if we never loved at all.

Each moment you spend wrapped in my arms

Brings closer by one moment the certain end

When you will cut me off, will stop the rain

So lovingly I cried to ease your sweat

And quit this empty cell, alone and wet

Into the fluoresce, a towel to embrace your hips

That I licked clean.

You try to chain me into you with fire

Remind my frostbit shoulders what warmth feels like

You take my breath away with soap-steeped steam

And when I’m at the point of no return

You leave me, naked as an unborn egg

Christened with the swift-cooling dew of our goodbyes

The echo really of our hellos

For none of the forevers that you told were true.

And as your footsteps squelch creating ponds

Your handsome towel takes you to the dressing-room

And who knows what strange deeds are done in there

But when I see you next, it is next day

The rivers that I painted in your skin are gone

And you are as untouched, thirsty for rain

As pure Sahara.

If I could sigh

If I could change the lock to this dank room

But instead I take you in again

Having no choice but to heed the wishes of your hands

That turn my spigot

And release my last, my first, forever rain

Savoring every moment

Which brings one moment closer

The undying end.

And as I stand before you yet once more

My lashes glitter with your teasing spray

And I wonder if it’s better to have loved and lost

Or just to walk around stinky all the time.


Image credits in order of appearance:

By see file name – Erotische Fotografie 1890-1920, Public Domain, (painting by Alfred Stieglitz c. 1916)

By turydddu @ Flickr, retouched by JovanCormac ([2]) [CC BY 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons


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