Pacific Northwest, USA

McMinnville park river and bridge Oregon USA

foliage on tree in McMinnville OR

The first colonist here was the endless green

Trees culture diamond tears, clear of melancholy

They weep with twisted lichen fingers of rain-browned branches.

Mud rivers snake across the grass-bear’s verdant mane

As he meanders alongside rushing traffic

Contemplating us

The concrete colonists

The steel thieves who came second.

Who will win, you wonder?

All you have to do

Is breathe a moment on the borderline

Watch smaragdine blood-rivers carve scars into a vacant lot

And flood a park with scattered constellations

Of tiny white flowers, wild lashes fluttering round each yolken eye

That blinks as if to say, you know where not to step.

Trails we sketched in cement

To bypass nature’s heartbeat here

To bridge the throbbing creek, to fence in timber’s roar

Are clotted now with leafy seas of unyielding mud.

Sidewalks we laid and prayed

Against the winds of time

Drown in the sky’s blue blast

And crumble as new petal-fingered eyestalks peek through.

Our aluminum river can sing gasoline

Can flash yellow lights to spray-paint gold the constellations

But we’re just a neon upstart

Another doomed Denny’s

This land is ruled by green.

Linfield College tree trimmings and Pioneer Hall

commemorative plaque and flower park McMinnvilleAll photos in this post were taken in McMinnville, Oregon by Anne Seaworthy.



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