I’ve Been Meaning to Tell You

I’ve been meaning to tell you

for a week or more

The trees have burst to life in pastel revelry

The sidewalk is a creamsicle aflutter

They call them cherry blossoms.

And did I ever mention

John Clare, who strode a thousand grass-fueled miles

when the ground he tread was wont to sprout iron bars

returned to find dear Mary he had pinned his life on letters

had sailed the wayward wind with those epistolary tatters

that he himself had rigged?

I must have forgotten to tell you

how the music tiptoes between my ears

dots the night with butterfly feet

then twinkles ‘twixt the ledger lines and leaves me locked in silence?

Would you care to hear about

that dream where Sam kept growing legs

of khaki plastic forks

About the sea of jellies I could stitch for us on Pinterest

all tartly bleeding heaven’s guava glow

About this boy I met, I love him so

He loves me not

She’s sick of me

She loves me still

I want so much to love

But are you there?

The cherry blossoms

I almost forgot to tell you

The sun shriveled them overnight like chestnut breasts too old to quench white dreams

The moment’s past.


Image credit: painting by Cicely Mary Barker, found on https://www.pinterest.com/cindibrewer3/the-flower-fairies/


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