Preemptive Coda

light and shadow through trees McMinnville Oregon

It seems between the war-torn tremelos and cymbol-clash cataclysms of my life story

I forgot to pencil in a few gracenotes

It’s the wrong key, the choir’s going to throw a fit

But let them

I must compose a line or two of thank you.

Thank you for the spring that rises when I let go

Thank you for strawberry yogurt

Flowers like open-mouthed dogs

Smiling faces and even for barefoot hallway chatter

Thank you for the ends of long-winded thank-you speeches, entering like the whisper of spring air between the taffeta twists of a bride’s gown as she bounds toward her lover against the winking night.

The trumpets have blasted their grief through opera glasses

The fingers of doubt have rolled down the piano, picked out every blow between black and white to accost the ears of an unlistening audience who always preferred Mozart anyway

Well I won’t promise you Mozart but

Thank you to the tiny mechanized gems in the sea powerhousing greenness for me to breathe

Thank you to feathered things painting the clouds between sunset and dreams

To the voice that warms my hand as we stand watching the birds and the sea and the sun

Spinning their gears in this wonderful contraption

Thank you to things I’m too human to know

And for things my words can’t measure.

Please, when the next movement sweeps in on a tidal wave

Of  violins demanding dusty applause for death’s subito crackdown

The next time you hear me say sorry

Or wish you heard it

Plug in your headphones to my deepest heart

Even if I deny it

As Odysseus said trust me not

And if you can’t lead me into the sun outside this musical mortuary

Then let me, and go on

And breathe in the wind

And its rumor of spring

And the things for which I meant to say thank you.

shadows of tree branches sidewalk McMinnville OR

Images in this post were taken in April 2016 by Anne Seaworthy by Linfield College in McMinnville, OR.


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