You’re Walking in the World, Alone


And all of a sudden it dawns on you

That we are not I nor they nor she but one

The eye of the sun pierces inward like a Conscience

Dew-diamonded eyelashes raining to our cheekbones as we blink

A stomachal ocean churns above, heart’s flutter feathering black between the blue

From cherry twigs of Guilt they tousle out a nest, the New

The clouded sea below crawls, beeps, mutters with us Thoughts

Flailing helpless dendrites between sidewalk shores of Memories

The unknowing neurons of the Earth

We skitter in our two dimensions, smashing

Blue headlights into beating chests too small to comprehend

They’re nothing but a single cell, a momentary Wonder,

A whisper of Doubt.

The dawn of Love will kill them

Like sickness dissipating in a late-spring sigh.


All images in this post taken by Anne Seaworthy in McMinnville, Oregon, USA.


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