Monterey Bay Aquarium

kelp forest exhibit splash zone monterey bay aquarium

I am not garbage

Any more than a diamond is garbage once volcanic phlegm sneezes it into the black sky

The stars are only hiding.

I am not garbage

My gyres swirl with winds older than the astrolabe, with desires too deep to name

The North Pacific Patch conceals a tear in the void in your just-collapsing human chest,

It will be unthreaded in time.


The shimmers, silver slivers marble-dripping in a glassless goblet

The question-whiskered lions, the salt-bound birds on wing, the thorny-armored fish

We are the creatures of the sea

The fabric of this world, and you

are an embroidered sketch

One of the subordinate seamstresses half-tried after hours

Tomorrow you will be sighed and needled out into the wastebasket

But today we thread toward dreams in this empty dress shop


And we are not garbage,

Or we must make it so.

mangrove fish traffic monterey bay aquarium

jellies sea nettles monterey bay aquarium


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