This moment, I love you more than life.

Don’t take it to heart –

music is only the echo of a bow that has long since parted the string –

By the time I get home to my pencils and paper

even the ring of this moment will be

too faint to wear to a black-and-white wedding

in a fuzzy photograph, broken behind

the glass frame in a pawn shop.

So listen

this moment, or the one that just passed –

(it’s all academic at a certain point) –

I love you more than life.


breathe onward now –

Einstein told us

each micrometer of time wends at once, like an endless ribbon tangled in our ageless hair

like a worm twined in the black undercoat of a woods-beast in rut:

at the instant you first kissed her she punched a hole

through your window and strode thenceforth, into

the untitled mausoleum

ground beneath the coffee fields below your grandparents’ love seats.

Don’t ask me

to answer a question if it takes you more than a millisecond to ask it-

By the time I have got through forbidding it

the wave of regret will have blackened my sailway

bouleversed my boat

and drowned me in sweet, sorry breath

I wish I hadn’t pushed

you away

so fast

(or I did wish it)

I want to stop

chronicling dust mites as they swell and sink by

painting their tracks in the air as they crumple in

folds, a calendar too long to

hold in your hand

I want

to stop

this moment, I love you


than time.


Image credits in order of appearance:

By Edie Widder – NOAA photo library, Public Domain,

By Umberto Salvagnin – originally posted to Flickr as Crash!, CC BY 2.0,



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