Christmas Music

It has lights in it.

Shameless major lifts cascading into perfect authentic cadences

without so much as a dip into the diminished or minor mayhem

of the world outside.

It has bells in it

Plastic candles with off-switches perilously close to where one’s fingers grip the base

It has snow-white children in it, crowned with marigold hair

(and I imagine you)

And millions of Marys, the main characteristic of each being their sexual status

but when it’s in Latin, Swahili or Chinese

even the knifened people of the cold northwestern charcuteries can swallow it

without choking the exit doors, an uncracked nut of protest.

How can people protest

against what has love in it

and joy, joy, joy, an overflowing goblet of it

in it

an ocean of sweet liquid joy to duck your head


disappear in it and hear

the music all the same.

Christmas music:

it has ancient ports in it, beckoning green Renaissance tides

with each rise and fall of the organ’s breath

it has angels in it, not graphite rained-on scribbles but real

angels in it has

love in it

blue and white and stars all over the ground in it

resound in it

resplend in it

release your poor tense shoulders so deeply into it

you forget to hold fast to the railroad tracks

and you miss the bloody train.

This music

has friends in it

has scrub jays in it

has dawns again in it

and for now, whatever the gods may think, there is

me in it

and you in it

Mush, major fifths!

And on we go.


Image credit: By Dchendyson – Own work, Public Domain,


2 thoughts on “Christmas Music

    • It’s literature, so the whole thing is a metaphor for unrequited bestial desire. I hated the concert, which is clear if you count every third letter except the ones that begin a word or correspond to a number above 16 and below 20 in alphabetrics. 🙂 JK


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