the way we went



you and I were

soaring around a vanilla ice peak amidst a zoo of painted reindeer

when I noticed the stranger that would own me

and she was not my princess.

far down the facing mountain, chained in semi-arid shrubbery

She was a savage wind

all wrapped up in ripped jeans (the real kind) and a burning bush

of hair like a summer storm tearing a fire

in the blue above her head.

you saw my gaze and pretended it was a distinguished weed

once the crystal bells stopped blazing and the ride



you tugged at my pocket and my mind for another go round

the carousel of kings on the frosted flower unicorn.

you who had earned my heart with the rare beauty of your womanly art,

you who were possessed of ruby lips, diamond eyes and emerald-ivy salutations

who would have done anything for me

to accompany you to concerts for a season or a few.

but the one I had to belong to

was a broken wildflower, trodden, dusted

wielding an angry faith in life that bludgeoned my heart right

down the cliff

and up to a kind of grim heaven

and I must climb that burnt unwanted stair

to retrieve it.


Image credits in order of appearance:

By We El – Own work, Public Domain,

By National Nuclear Security Administration / Nevada Site Office – This image is available from the National Nuclear Security Administration Nevada Site Office Photo Library under number NF-6435.This tag does not indicate the copyright status of the attached work. A normal copyright tag is still required., Public Domain,


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