Insidious Frosting


If a girl has no one to tell her she is wonderful, is she still a girl?

If Facebook were struck and crumbled, face shocked and shellacked blood-sooty, and if

the giant plastic women who’ve been flattened motionless

to swallow eighty floors of office windows should instead

peel away and parachute down to kiss the treetops

with their F&D Red No.6 lips and if

twenty years of letters and strangled music could dissolve

like pathogens in ocean-bound streams, and chime invisible

as dusk’s fairy sparkle

then, even then, could I

come back,

curl up inside the empty box on the dresser-top forest

that a porcelain angel came out of many Christmases

past, and breathe

in time’s negative advances and breathe

out blue frosting Cinderellas

until I forget I was once a grown-up girl

and remember my riddle’s silent answer?

And if a tree falls on a red panda, and the red panda mewls and shatters,

does the tree still matter?



top photo is by D Sharon Pruitt. By Pink Sherbet Photography from USA – Free Pretty Princess Pink Happy Birthday Cake Colors Creative Commons, CC BY 2.0,

Second photo: By Jeylina – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,



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