Plume noire/black feather

Mes mots sont des corbeaux

qui cerclent ma tête de plus en plus


Le collier en perles ébènes – sans langue qu’il soit – peut bien quand même

étrangler le cou qui s’en entoure avec trop de confiance

English version:

My words are crows

circling around my head getting closer and more


The ebony-pearled necklace – tongueless as it is – can still

strangle the neck which surrounds itself with it

with too much confidence.

Notes: In French, the word collier literally means “collar,” but is often used to refer to jewelry worn around the neck. It can also mean “chain.”

The French word plume can signify a feather (as of a bird’s wing) but also a pen (originating from the old-fashioned quill pen.) This feather/pen, bird/words doubleness gets lost in the English translation. The lack of proper translation in itself can be seen as a metaphor for the speaker’s words twisting in other people’s ears, growing sour and losing their original direction.


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