When I let it get too late

My body a closed coffin

Inside, the thing is stirring.

Perpetually curious,

Eyeballs loll as grape tomatoes in Capri spaghetti

Fingers of doubt carve holes and pop out of the rubbery skin

Turn my brain outside in.

When rained on, neurons can grow moss

and gears can switch haywire.

The vampire in me

Milks my nevers and pointlesses and bad girls all night

Blood-dry, in the morning I will be able to compute the route to school

in my body

in the rain

so clean of flush

no one will glance closer.

The vampire in me

craves company past darkfall

I am always there for her

She never thanks me



Image credits in order of appearance:

By David Henry Friston, fl. 1850s to late 1880s – Haunted Images: The Illustrating of Le Fanu at, Public Domain,

By UVicLibraries –, No restrictions,


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