They’re all coursing in a sort of

spider-broken river, sometimes bumping head-

-on then shake and move on,

eyes either evolved off the pointed face or hidden

under the brim of the cargo they carry.

Seeds for the winter? Sugar for the queen?

If you look closer, and if your eyes have not evolved

against your seeing, you will notice

Each insect gingers a different freight:

One onyx berry, leaking nightshade-sultry tears

illuminates the path of one as he goes

Another bears a leaf like a great green sail,

coveting the secret pearl

of empty opaline

dew that rests between its veined waves

A third lugs a broken heart – a part

of a cherry, the seed

Absent. The other half

Someone else’s baggage somewhere in the crowd,

nibbled and colonized by sugar-sucking

acquaintances, it is probably no longer recognizable

Except to itself, and even then –

If you look closer, really really listen you can see

This writhing stream of ants incidenting up and down

this sidelong stump of ancient tree

Each carries his deepest secret, each keeps her juice-aching heart

Safe from penetration yet plain to the eye

that has evolved to look closer.

If you bump into some body and some ruby prostrates

naked on the ground, don’t be alarmed

wait to stomp

until you have listened.

For broken twigs can twine around newfound limbs

You might hear an echo

Or discover a drop

Of dew, a pearl

Within your own closed doors

You thought you walked this empty street alone, didn’t you?


Image credit: By Thomas Quaritsch – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,


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