poem reserve

A great diversity of poems

abounds in the shelter of the Gulf of Perhaps

Grimping up and down fossilized sponges, undulating ambiguously behind the sun’s blare, spouting at the surface or burrowing in the pebbles that wall in kelp metropolises.

Poems you won’t find anywhere else on earth

Endangered species find a wing here to hide under, to live

While the rest of the world slashes itself apart with red marks, faulting

each other for fracking into a chicken-egg paradox

This paradise for meaning gleams on, all-seeing, still breathing

unpoisoned state of being.

The most awesome and obscure poems ever to capture human imagination:

The two-way cicada canoe jabbering with singing drums

The cat who exploded for love of his soldier before the red sun

The rose that incited the others to violence so she would be the last one standing

claiming she was for the liberation of flowers, when she was really for her own two weeks of prettiness.

Just a small sampling of the vast variety of poems you will discover

New authors and even a few new phyla

A space invisible to the glass eye, yet endless from the inside

Between armpit of America and wing of peninsula the last reserve for poems

That get finned, stomped, rolled over, bycaught and left to drown inches from salvation, netted, gutted with bottle caps and other pollution of today’s age of talk

They bubble with a silent loudness, makes you want to scream as if

high on cloud.



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