A jellyfish can live a million lives

and never miss one

as it dissolves

into blue


With our precious heads, our necks collared by jewels and crucifixions

our heavy brains inside our heavy skulls, our heavy coats

we forget we are mostly water, as is the planet

beyond our tiny cities

beyond edges

into forever,

untouches, unasserts itself, the blue


You should write about this, the teacher in my head scritches pencilly on my inner eardrums. You should download every face and glance, every word and what it really meant, every unknown you meet and spreadsheet them and massacre a blank page make it bleed with named names with impossible truths

You must take notes: Lexie melted into a hospital bed

and calmly asked the nurse for assistance

Giancarlo was beaten into the Utah sands

from whence reached up a shattered hand, searching

for a father in the clouds

as they rained toxic dust onto his rusting

Jillian says forgiveness is the greatest gift but

Beatrice says, to fuck and back with that shit

white as cobwebs, cotton candy, black as night outlining

a figure left behind.

Humans: we are all so burdened by the pain

that we inflict upon ourselves

that our taxonomy decrees

but it is our species who invented taxonomy, yes?

We are the most broken things

on an earth being constantly broken

by things larger than we can imagine, by fired rock and the clash of bullets

hurled from Saturn’s wing, by the steps of giants

and the final crack

of their jaws upon the hardened dirt.

We humans are the bearers of the immensest pain

not because the pain came to prey on us

but because we stretched our neural

paths and bumped into walls

and we chose to study them

while building an eternal

ceiling, sealing us in

something out of




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