Pirates, Dragons and Cats

Curled up on your laptop

in a coffee colored swirl

whirls Scylla’s in-breath, taking inmates, namely

the sailboat of polystyrene

cupped in the hands of fate which ought to be

blue as gnashing jaws, the bottom of the sea

calls for some reason today in a pleasant tonality: the hint

of cinnamon spray, the billows of marshmallows stirred into your coffee –

pillows for sea-dragons’ dreams.

And if the sea came decked out in claws

and cloaked in a winter-tight field,

whose each dandelion bloom blows in the purring wind and the hobbit house

collapses into a pink-tongued yawn, you would hear the roar

of this particular

storm: the monster

who lives in your house and for whom you shovel litter

the beast inside awakens:

play with me

or face my wrath

asleep, atop

your digital shore.

cat on laptop drawing a seaworthy frigate


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