My Bat Mitzvah

Friday night dinner and dancing with pirates

and fencing for the sugar-high feckled

on top of a grass-wove roof;

a peach-blue sea the safety net

should anyone be vanquished overboard.

Saturday morning wing-swept on a boat

the Hebrew prayers weaved in the melody of the language

of spiderweb spyglasses, coyote swells, songs of people

who know dolphins

are people.

The obligatory Saturday evening party

beneath the ondulant blue, finger-tipped from on high by thorns of sun

The music? star-fishes, a blur of parrot-swathed picnickers

The spread? every ice cream imaginable and no plastic barring total joy

still flowing into the night-velvet cool, the moon and sky-stars our DJ

the coconut crabs our magicians redisappear

swallowing endless scarves of nighttime noise

on an island that knows that noise

is sound.

An aunt’s comment: In my day, nobody threw so much money

at a gluttonous grub of a baby girl

like you. Myself laughing, not afraid of her

disapproval for one flit-second. She’ll never know:

One hundred percent of the gift-loot sent

to the recycling plant: checks and dollar bills

burped back out as paper birds

with copper-lime eyes that fly over cities

and spread the word like pollen to nectar

-sweetened hearts:

Join us. Trash the life of trash. Treasure the ocean

Stop blinding. Start seeing. Start listening.



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