From the Cat on the Pillow by the Window


I like the window open

the tickle of freedom whiffling my whiskers

the song of birds careening through the screen to my ears

a whisper of what I know – past this slice of fence, unfettered – would be a roar

a raging sea-split continent, seared by the rapids of a golden lion’s claws, forth

to the leap, the throat, the kill

An open world so loud with opportunity

I’d rather just sit comfortably

and watch freedom being free

and let it tickle me just a little

while I stay behind the screen,

roaring on the whisper of a fair-sized dream.



Image credits in order of appearance:

“Cette peinture à été réalisé a Montréal chez tante Normande.” By Beloup – Peinture de Diane Lapointe, Public Domain,

By Filippo Corelli – Self-photographed, Szilas in the National Museum of Fine Arts, Valletta, Public Domain,


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