La petite humaine/The Little Human

Un poème inspiré du conte d’Anderson de La Petite sirène.


Ah Princesse du blues, il était une fois

le temps, les tempêtes, les tambours appartenaient à toi

et les amours douloureux ne t’érodaient pas

Et pour les vierges abîmes, ton caprice était loi.


Mais tu as tout renoncé comme la saison d’hirondelles

Découpé ta belle queue pour des jambes parallèles

Détourné ta belle voie pour une plus réelle

Sur la terre firme où les moments se croient éternels.


Tu as suivi ton prince jusqu’au bout de la nuit

Battant tes yeux comme le silencieux colibri

Mais déjà il avait ses ailes et avis, et bien sa petite-ami

Il t’a détourné, et avec toi, toutes tes envies.


L’une d’elles a trouvé une lame entre les larmes

Et pendant que tu dormais, cette envie et son arme

Ont coupé la gorge de ce prince pas le tien

ont volé sa voix qui sonnaient une alarme


Silencieuse. Et toi, princesse abîmée du blues

A pris cette voie volée jusqu’aux profondeurs des rues

Mais à quel prix? Car les cieux n’accordent pas d’âmes

éternelles aux dames qui agissent comme des mers.


English Version

A poem based on Anderson’s “The Little Mermaid.”

(Note: This poem works in French on the similar-sounding words mer and mère (“sea” and “mother”), voix and voie (“voice” and “path”), abîme and abîmer (“abyss” and the verb “to spoil, to damage”), lame and larme (“blade” and “tear”) as well as other subtleties that will not work in the English.)

O princess of the blues, there was a time

Time, storms, drums, all were yours

And you weren’t eroded by painful love

And for the virginous abysses, your whim was law.


But you gave it all up like the swallow season

Cut off your pretty tail for two parallel legs

Turned away your beautiful path for a realer one

On solid land where the moments think they’re eternal.


You followed your prince to the cliff of night

Batting your eyes like the silent hummingbird

But he already had his wings, his opinions, even his girlfriend

He turned you away, and with that, all your desires.


One of those found a blade between the tears

And while you slept, desire and her armory

Cut the throat of this prince that was not yours

And stole his voice as it sounded a silent


Alarm. And you, abysmal princess of blues,

Took this stolen path to the depths of the streets

But at what price? For Heaven gives no eternal souls

to grown women who behave like the untamed waves.



“Black and white illustration in Hans Andersen’s fairy tales (1913) London: Constable.” By Robinson, W. Heath (William Heath), 1872-1944 (illustrator). – Copy at New York Public Library, scanned by nicole deyo, obtained from Converted PNG, greyscale; B&W point adjust to lift ink from page., Public Domain,

By Ludolf Bakhuizen – Originally from en.wikipedia; description page is/was here. Original uploader was Pethan at en.wikipedia, 2004-08-08 (original upload date), Public Domain,

Fishing boat and coaster in turbulent weather. 1660-1663. oil on canvas. 46 × 66 cm (18.1 × 26 in). Paris, Musée du Louvre.” By Ludolf Bakhuizen – Web Gallery of Art:   Image  Info about artwork, Public Domain,


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