another catch


456px-HillbillyFamilyBandDLange (1)

Pretty flower smells of music

burns of cherry wine

in the throat like bells

draws beetles and butterflies to the shine, the shine

of a thing the cocoon whisper promised in etching

a thing the dying fairy knows is no more

than a fairytale

reeled into the flame enshrining her flower-flutter body

They sigh against her beautiful

petals press her cheek to their proboscis



And down the stem to be acidified

codified in her pantry of husked bugs and numbered men.

And suddenly,

at twenty,

I am old:


is beautiful



Image credits in order of appearance:

“Migrant family from Arkansas playing hill-billy songs. Farm Security Administration emergency migratory camp. Calipatria, California” 1939. By Dorothea Lange – Photo by Dorothea Lange for Farm Security Administration/WPA via [1], Public Domain,

‘Photos from Heroid Shehu for Wikimedia Commons. Original Filename “Heroid_Shehu/Gjakova/100_1977.jpg”.’ By Heroid Shehu –, CC BY-SA 3.0,


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