I write this poem to prove me wrong

Though there is in science no positive proof

Listen: the lady-snail clings to the stem

beneath the temporary flower which shuts out sun


Listen: the lady-jay huffs on the branch

the rocks beneath her stirring more than her dreamless blue


Listen: the lady-black-hair-red-satin-dress sings to the digital

eye that never sets nor hears what dances so striking before it

trying to destroy the ice of the iris

never changing

everything, everything in the world


and that’s about it

is and is and lies and lays waiting

for an end, supposably.


Image credits in order of appearance:

“Particolare di due lumache in fase di accoppiamento.” By Viktor Volkov – Camera, CC BY-SA 4.0,

“Jenny Lind, Painting by J.L. Asher 1845.” By J.L.Asher – Scan aus Eckart Kleßmann – DIE MENDELSOHNS, Bilder aus einer deutschen Familie, Artemis Verlag 1990, ISBN:3-7608-1020-9, S. 162, Public Domain,


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