Finding Paradise Now Available for Download

The Love Life Series follows ghost Captain Jamie Starling and his lovable crew as they engage in the semi-legal business of Dreamcatching – pirating living people’s Dreams to sell for breaths, the currency in Ectopia.

If you’ve already read Haunting Helen, Book One in the Love Life Series, you know how things spiral out of control when Jamie falls for a living woman. An engaged living woman.

Now, Finding Paradise, Book Two in the Love Life Series, is available for free on Smashwords, coming soon to Barnes and Noble for free, and for $0.99 on Amazon. Read it to discover how Jamie fulfills – or maybe fails to fulfill – his social obligation to graduate from Ectopia to Paradise, and what happens when his faithful sailor India decides to study Mythology.

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This incredible cover was created by Karen Ronan, who was also adept enough to do the formatting of this book for Amazon and Smashwords. Find her at

To learn more about this book, please watch my extremely unprofessional homemade book trailer here.


Haunting Helen

Haunting Helen, the first book in the Love Life Series of short and sweet romantic fantasy ebooks, can be downloaded for free at or for 99 cents at*Version*=1&*entries*=0. I made a book trailer that should whet your appetite…

haunting_helenThis lovely cover was designed by Karen Ronan at She also did the professional ebook formatting.

Electronic Imagination


Pinterest can be a time-sink. Or it can be a treasure trove of amazing inspiration, leading you to discover passions and capabilities within yourself that you never knew you had. It’s all up to you.

I love using Pinterest to waste time visualize my stories. For instance, I just created a board for the Love Life Series, the first book of which is coming soon to Amazon and Smashwords. Check it out if you’re ready to delve into Dreams with a capital D…

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Exclusive Haunting Helen Quotes and Sketch by the Author!

Note that I did not promise a sketch by the illustrator.

Haunting Helen sketch by Anne SeaworthyAnd now for some random quotes that will make sense once you read it! 🙂

Jamie Haunting Helen“When people ask me how I died, sometimes I smile and say it was a broken heart. And that basically sums it up pretty well.”

~ Captain Jamie Starling

Helen as pterodactyl Haunting Helen“Every time I’m in this sailboat, I catch sight of the island and I try to reach it. I always fight off that giant squid. But somehow I always run out of fuel before I get there.”

~ Helen Jones

IMG_1309“I feel rather strange, almost like I missed the whole day. I mean, I was there, of course, but it was almost like I couldn’t control what I was doing.”

~ Robert Longman

Raygin Haunting Helen“You can have that potato.”

~ Raygin Suede

Coming Soon: Haunting Helen


Hi, I’m Jamie Starling. Captain Jamie Starling of the Lady Kate. When you read about my escapades involving roller coaster incidents, nighttime piracy, and Dreams about pterodactyls, you’ll come to understand how I’ve healed and why I died of a broken heart.

Coming soon to Amazon and Smashwords: Haunting Helen by Anne Seaworthy! Book one of the Love Life series.

Above image by Boqiang Liao from Athens,Ohio , US (File:Santa Monica pier, dusk.jpg) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

The Story Behind the Story: People with Fishtails

fishtails3It all started with a dream. It was kind of a disturbing dream, actually. I was riding in the backseat of a car. My teacher and his wife were in the two front seats. As we plunged over a cliff, the teacher entrusted me with his newborn child, who was bathed in red liquid.

Somehow, this dream inspired me to write a story about a man who loved a mermaid, but the mermaid was too flakey to take care of their baby so he had to care for it. Eventually, he would become a drunk, and the child would go on to save the world from environmental ruin and prove that there are really mermaids.

I split the two generations into two entirely different short stories: the first takes place in the age of colonization, and involves Dove and his lover Polyp. That was published later, in Three Mermaid Tales, along with People with Fishtails, which is also its own short book that can be found on Amazon and Smashwords. Both the old and futuristic story take place on Mystycetii, the island where the mermaids live free from human abuse.

Three tails copyThese covers were illustrated by Anne Seaworthy and made into digital masterpieces by Karen Ronan at